My New Favorite Word (And it has more than four letters)

My new favorite word lately is…


I first heard about systems from Chalene Johnson while binge listening to her Chalene Show podcast. I was confused at first, because, for a therapist like me, “systems” are families and how members are emotionally interconnected. I had no idea about systems for productivity, growing my business, and managing my busy Mom life.

Once I finally wrapped my brain around this new concept, I was hooked!! In my usual, full-steam-ahead-borderline-obsessive enthusiasm, I started making systems for everything!

So, what’s the big deal? I thought I would make a list (shocker!) of all the reasons why I’m head-over-heels in love with systems!

  1. Systems let me turn my brain off. Being a mom takes so much more mental energy than I ever thought! So, if I can think LESS about one thing, that’s more mental energy I have to use toward not losing my shit when my kiddos won’t go to bed!
  2. Systems keep me on track. I don’t know about your kids, but every time I get up to do something, one (or both!) of my kids calls out “Mommy!” It’s like they’re purposely trying to distract me.
  3. Systems prevent procrastination. I tend to overthink things (shocker!), so I procrastinate when I don’t know where to start with a task. A system takes the guesswork out of what to do first.
  4. Systems help me save time. Time is a nonrenewable resource that I can’t afford to waste. One of the best things about systems is that they are the most efficient way to get things done, so no more wasting time!
  5. Systems help me accomplish my goals. My business systems are one of the top reasons why my business has grown so quickly and easily, allowing me to be the primary breadwinner and making it possible for my husband to quit his 9-5.
  6. Systems keep me balance. Since systems allow me to be more efficient with life’s Have Tos, I have more time for the Want Tos that keep me sane and balanced.
  7. Systems boost my confidence. Just knowing that I’m no longer wasting time and am actually getting shit done makes me feel sooooo good about myself! And, I’m not beating myself up anymore procrastinating or forgetting things.

Systematically Systemized

systems productivity organization busy moms Chalene Johnson

A list of all the tasks for my Financial System

Hopefully, now you’re convinced that systems need to be a part of your life. But, you’re probably like me and not sure how to get started?

Here are some systems I’ve created and perfected in my own life. You can use these or tweak them to fit for you.

  • Cleaning – I get overwhelmed by thinking I have to clean our whole house from top to bottom, but that’s just not doable or necessary every week. Now if I could just find the motivation to clean!
  • Weekly Planning – I didn’t think of this system right away, but boy am I glad to have it now! Our week seems to vary so much, I couldn’t keep track of everything. And, I was forgetting those random things, like Picture Day. So, now when I sit down on Sundays with my planning system, I’m more efficient and on top of things.
  • Budgeting & Money – The image to the right shows my Financial System for my private practice. So, every Friday morning after the kiddos get on the bus, I grab a cup of coffee and my laptop and get started. I don’t stop until each task is checked off. You could do this for paying the bills, keeping track of savings, etc.

Make It Work For You

I’m sure there are more elaborate systems out there, but my systems are working for me. And, that’s the most important thing: making it work for you!

The next time you do a regular task, like cleaning or bookkeeping, keep a notebook handy and just write down all the steps involved. Next time you’re ready to tackle that task, you’ll have your system as a step-by-step guide.

Another brilliant thing about systems is that you can change them! You can perfect them over time. I’ve added to and changed around my Financial System as my business has evolved.

I have all my systems saved in my Wunderlist list-making app. I love checking the tasks off and seeing my progress! You can take the productivity a step further and schedule your systems of specific days of the week, like my weekly cleaning on Tuesdays and my Financial Fridays.

Some other areas I’m still creating some systems are blogging, deep cleaning, and meal planning.

What systems do you already have in place?

Where are some areas in your life that could use a systematic overhaul?

Share in the comments below or head on over to my Facebook page and post there!

Thanks for taking the time!


P.S. Are you stuck in a rut? Not even sure what you’d create a system for in the first place? Click HERE for my quick, easy tip for getting out of a rut fast. There’s a free download. Bonus!


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