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One day last fall while feeling overwhelmed by my life I was surfing online for information regarding life coaching. I came across Amanda’s website and jumped on the opportunity to get some help with organizing myself. As a busy mom of three kids, a wife, and a business owner I was at a place that I did not know how to manage. Amanda helped me prioritize what I wanted to work on, get my head unstuck from doubting myself, gave me effective tools to stay on task, and cheerfully supported me all the way through! Amanda’s approach of helping tailor her tools to fit your situation makes you feel empowered. I am really glad I found her and now I have tools I can come back to again and again long after our work is done!

Personalized and Professional:

Working with Amanda over the last several weeks has been a great experience!! She is very professional, personable and caring. The great aspect of her service is the personalization and the easy access.  She is available via email, text, phone, etc. This is so easy!! She worked around my schedule and made me feel very comfortable in one session. She helped me remain focused and accountable on the goals that I set. Thank you, Amanda!!!

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